I work at a busy downtown law firm and often require process servers to complete out of town or rush assignments, including issuing, filing and personal service. I recently started using Hamilton-Toronto Area Process Serving Inc. and am incredibly happy with their services. They are knowledgeable, efficient and willing to take on challenging assignments with tight deadlines. All of their staff is helpful and pleasant to deal with. I have specifically dealt with Nancy and Debbie, and it is obvious that they enjoy their profession and truly care about the work they do for their clients. They have made my job much easier and at times, less stressful. I would definitely recommend Hamilton-Toronto Area Process Serving Inc. to anyone in this field. MEGAN SLOAT Law Clerk at Samis & Company- www.samislaw.com

I work in a law firm in Mississauga and often require documents to be served, issued and or filed with the Court. I have used many agencies during my profession but none of them compare to Hamilton-Toronto Area Process Serving. My main contact person at Hamilton-Toronto is Debbie Alderson. Not only is she professional, reliable, efficient, prompt and thorough, but also pleasure to deal with. Both Debbie and the staff have made my job so much easier. I recommend them to everyone. MARTINA KACIN Works at Keyser Mason Ball, LLP - www.kmblaw.com

My name is Michael Ohier and I am a Manager at Harrison Pensa LLP. My department, known as Integrated Recovery Services ("IRS"), is responsible for servicing clients/creditors regarding their pre-legal and legal collection needs. We operate in a high volume, high paced atmosphere leaving little room for error and/or time delays. Process Serving is a critical and necessary part of our business. We subcontract with HTAPSI who service a large geographic area for both process serving and in-Court attendances on our behalf to issue/sign various Court documents. I truly consider them as an arm of the IRS team.

In my ten plus years of doing Creditor's Rights and debt recovery legal work, I have worked with Jim and Michael Carr, owners of HTAPSI. HTAPSI is highly professional, they operate with integrity, and, they are always willing to go that extra mile. Specifically, in terms of process serving, they always try to learn something new for their clients - something that was not known to us prior to them performing their service. This adds tremendous value to the legal process and to our clients. Furthermore, HTAPSI keeps very detailed notes with respect to each serve, and updates us within 24-36 hours online, by phone and fax. HTAPSI is very flexible and is willing to work within all of our client's requested parameters, some of which include strict audit requirements.

I cannot say enough about HTAPSI. They set the standard for all process servers and process serving companies. They understand what it means to provide 'service' to a client. I personally have learned some key points from Jim Carr on what it means to 'service' a client. He is what I call "old-school" when it comes to service. Call him and you will quickly find out exactly what I mean.

In closing I thank Jim and Michael Carr and all of the staff at HTAPSI for their loyal and dedicated service.

For you, the reader of this testimonial, I strongly urge you to use HTAPSI if you require a process server. Yours truly,
Michael D. Ohler
Manager, Integrated Recovery Services (IRS)